Spring Training Information

What is Spring Training?

Spring Training camps are 3 rehearsals throughout April and May where we learn the fundamentals of marching and playing. These Spring Training dates are a great experience for students that have never tried marching band before to see if it is for them. This also provides students with a strong foundation that they can practice during the summer. By the 3rd camp, students can make the decision if they want to join the group with a deposit of $100, credited towards their Fair Share, to secure their spot on the field.



Doors open at 7:30 am

April 20th - "The Experience Camp"

May 4th - "Welcome back!"

May 18th - "The Commitment Camp"

After the May 18th rehearsal, there will be a REQUIRED parent meeting to sign paperwork and make a $100 deposit toward your Fair Share.

What to Bring:

Instrument/Equipment (reeds, oils, sticks, practice pads, etc)

Pencils (Every. Day.)

Water bottle/jug (I highly recommend the 1/2 or 1 gallon jugs)

Light colored Athletic clothing - Avoid pants; no jeans.

Appropriate shoes - Crocks, boots, flip flops, or Hey Dudes are not allowed.

A good night's rest and a good, dairy free breakfast before you arrive.

A great attitude!

Things to Know:

We will alternate between being outside and inside.

Hydration takes time. Be sure to be drinking water consistently.

Make sure to eat breakfast before you come.

Avoid dairy products, such as milk or lots of cheese. These items will spoil in your stomach when it is hot outside.