Band Camp Information

Band Camp Dates:

Doors open at 7:30 am daily


What to Bring:

Instrument/Equipment (reeds, oils, sticks, practice pads, etc)

Pencils (Every. Day.)

Black (must be black) 3 ring binder with sheet protectors (30-50 non-glare recommended)

Provided warm-ups and show music (posted in Google Classroom)




Water bottle/jug (I highly recommend the 1/2 or 1 gallon jugs)

Light colored Athletic clothing. Avoid pants; no jeans.

Appropriate shoes. Crocks, boots, flip flops, or Hey Dudes are not allowed.

I suggest bringing a backpack or drawstring bag to make movement around campus easier.

A packed lunch.

A good night's rest and a good, dairy free breakfast before you arrive.

A great attitude!

Things to Know:

Without prior approval, Band Camp is mandatory for all marching band students. This is where we put on a good portion of the show and a lot of learning occurs.

We are looking to provide lunch as many days as we can, thanks to our awesome sponsors and community! I will let the students know what will be provided so they can decide if they want to bring their own from home. Students will need to plan to bring or have a lunch dropped off between 12-1. 

Students who need marching shoes for performances will be fitted during rehearsal. Payment will be due upon arrival. Shoes are usually $35 and are required to perform.

It's going to be hot! Try to get acclimated to the heat over the summer by spending some time outside and doing some physical activities.

Hydration takes time. Be sure to be drinking water consistently over the summer, at least the week before your arrival. 

Make sure to eat breakfast before you come.

Avoid dairy products, such as milk or lots of cheese. These items will spoil in your stomach when it is hot outside.