“It was noted in 1961 that the Pepperell Schools Band Parents Club was “newly-formed”. Mr. Leithauser explained to the group why such a club would be useful and told of things the club could do to help the bands.”

2023-2024 Band Booster Officers

Stacy Hess, President

Philip Bates, Vice President

Kati Turner, Secretary

Bethany Gray, Treasurer

Who can be a Band Booster?

If you have a student in the band program, YOU are a band booster! 

What does a Band Booster do?

The Band Boosters are a dedicated group of parents/families who volunteer their time and talent to ensure the success of each of the performing groups at Pepperell. We work closely with the Director of Bands, providing the talent and experience to help with the many details that must be taken care of for each performance or event. We are also involved in fundraising for the band program. Most of all, we are there to cheer our talented students on! We are there because we care!

How can I be involved?

Attend meetings! 

Uniforms - Uniforms need mending, cleaning, and maintaining. With so many students, the uniform chair person needs people to assist with this huge task. If you can sew or help manage the uniform inventory, please volunteer.

Band Camp - We will need volunteers to help with the lunches and with providing the members with water and medical attention. 

The Pit Crew - Think of this job as the the “Roadies” for the band. The Pit Crew loads and unloads the trailer and gets equipment on and off the field for performances. Band moms and Band dads are both welcome.

See Fundraising for more opportunities to help!


The Band Boosters conducts a number of general fundraisers that support the band program overall. We must raise funds to offset uniform, instrument, and other expenses. 

Home Game Concession Sales

A major portion of the Dragon Band revenues come from operating concessions at the Dragon Stadium/Lynn Hunnicutt Field. The Boosters provides staff for both the home side & the visitors side concession stands for all of our home games Varsity and JV. If you would like to volunteer, please signup for volunteer opportunities at a meeting or by contacting the Band Boosters at pepperellbandboosters@gmail.com

Treasurer FAQs


What forms of payment are acceptable?

The Booster Club can accept cash, checks (made out to PHS Band Boosters), money order, or Venmo (@PHSDragonBand), Please make sure Venmo payment include the student's name and what it is for or we will consider it a donation to the program. 

To whom should I make my check payable?

Please make all checks payable to PHS BAND BOOSTERS.

Where do I send my payments?

Physical payments can be sent with students to school to be handed directly to the Treasurer or Band Director in a sealed envelope with the students name, amount of money, and what it is for. Money is never to be left on the Band Director's desk!