The Floyd County Extracurricular Code of Conduct will be followed, as will the Pepperell Band Handbook.

The purpose of our attendance policy is to ensure quality performances and fairness to all involved in the band program.

All rehearsals and performances are required.  Band camp attendance is required.  Members should plan to manage their time so that they remain in good academic standing.  To remain eligible to perform, attendance at all rehearsals is required.

  • Please provide a doctor’s note for missed rehearsals.  If an absence is excused from school, that counts for band as well.  If a student is at school, they are expected to be at practice.
  • For more than one excused absences in a week, participation in the next performance is at the discretion of the band director.  If we as a staff feel that a student has missed too much rehearsal time that week to perform at the required level, then that student will be on the sideline for that performance.
  • An unexcused absence, either a rehearsal or performance, will result in the student being sidelined for the next performance.  Sidelining a performer means that for a ball game the student in question will participate in the stands, but will remain on the sideline for halftime.  More than one unexcused absence from rehearsals or performances will cause the student in question to be suspended from band activities.