Nothing is worse than a Band Booster Burnout – the more volunteers we have, the easier this season will be!

The Pepperell Band Boosters is INCREDIBLY fortunate to have the opportunity to work concessions at State Mutual Stadium! This is our largest fundraiser for our band program that helps us offset our operating expenses for the season, but we need a strong volunteer commitment from EVERYONE including our band members, color guard, percussion ensemble, parents, family members, alumni and friends to make this a successful effort.

We also welcome the parents of those Middle School Band members marching up to participate and to become an active Dragon Band Booster!

You may now signup for volunteer slots through CHARMS.

Please contact Amy Scott, primary team leader and booster president, if you have any questions.

General Information

Fundraising Credits
GRAND SLAM Concession earnings may be applied towards ‘fair share’ band fees and for the general band fund. This Booster account money can only be used for band fees, band trips, and related events/activities.

Season Schedule
The Rome Braves season begins in April and runs through August/September (approximately 70 home games).

Most weekday games begin at 7PM, Saturdays at 6PM and Sundays at 2PM. Some games may be played earlier during the day (10:30AM and 1PM) so review the CHARMS calendar carefully when signing up.

Canceled Games
Canceled games will be rescheduled and become ‘double headers’ (two games back-to-back on the same day). Our volunteer workers will earn credit for each game when this happens.

Day Games and School
Once school begins we will need adult volunteers to cover the daytime games. There are several weekday games during the season that may conflict with student schedules and after school band practice. This is when we need more adult volunteers to cover the games!

Dress Code, Cell Phones, and Volunteer Schedule

  • Our uniform is a black Dragon Band Tee-Shirt (not a tank top), khaki shorts, and tennis shoes (no open-toe shoes).
  • Cell phones are prohibited once you begin working in the concession area. You may check your phone during breaks.
  • Please sign up for volunteer slots through our CHARMS calendar.
  • Do not just show up expecting to work without signing up.
  • You must sign in with the team leader at the concession stand to receive credit.
  • Workers should be in the concession area ready to work 1.5 hours BEFORE game time.
  • On the 2nd “no show-no call” students may be removed from future games.  Contact your team leader if you cannot attend a game for which you signed up.  Try to get a sub before you call.  Emergencies happen, be sure to make that contact with the leader for that game if you have a problem.
  • Volunteers must complete their entire shift to receive credit unless approved by the team leader.
  • Volunteers must stay in their assigned areas.

As a reminder, we represent Pepperell High School and the Dragon Band. Insubordination and inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Team leaders have the authority to ask any worker to leave the stadium for failure to follow policies.  Removed workers will not receive credit for that game.