For our upcoming sixth graders . . . . thinking about joining the Band next year? We hope so! Need more information? Keep reading to learn more about beginning band!!!

Do I need to already be able to read music or play an instrument?

No. Sixth grade is the beginning point for band and we begin with the very basic of reading music, reading and counting rhythms, and basic music vocabulary.

I’m not sure I want to join. Can I wait until 7th grade?

Unfortunately, no. Since band is a sequential learning class, you will need to start in the 6th grade. The first year is when students learn all the basics of playing an instrument. These concepts are very difficult to learn is a student misses the first year of instruction. Our advice is to go ahead and sign up for beginning band since this is your ONE opportunity to join the band program. What do you have to lose!?! We promise if you give it a try and work hard, you’ll have a great time!

Can I be involved in sports or cheerleading and still be in band?

YES!!! In fact, many of our current band students are actively involved in various sports, clubs and organizations. Since band class is held during the day, there is no direct conflict.

Can I be in Band and Chorus?

YES!!! Many of our band students are also in Chorus at both the middle and high school.

Do I have to stay after school for rehearsals or practices?

In sixth grade, there are no after school practices. In 7th and 8th grade, there are a very limited number of practices after school. We work hard to make the most of our class time to keep any extra rehearsals at a minimum!

Do I need to already have an instrument?

No. We will go through the process of compatibility testing to select an instrument for your child and we will begin playing instruments towards the end of the first six weeks.

How much does it cost to be in Band?

There is some financial commitment involved due to needing an instrument. The good news is that the area music stores offer great rent-to-own programs that make getting a band instrument feasible. The monthly rental depends on the particular instrument which can run from around twenty dollars per month or more. When we get to the point it is time to get instruments, we will send home information to help you with this process. Don’t let financial concerns keep you from joining. The most important thing is to sign up!

How do I sign up for band?

You can get signed up a couple of ways: 1) Complete the form (ask your homeroom teacher) and return to your fifth grade homeroom teacher; or 2) contact Ms. Webb at PMS.

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