Tour Seventeen


Our Classic Rock production for this season is TOUR SEVENTEEN KASHMIR Widely considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time, this classic tune from the legendary group Led Zeppelin contains many innovative rhythmic and harmonic effects.     BETH The well-known Kiss power ballad Beth begins this production number and features a trumpet solo along with some delicate woodwind sections.   DIRTY DEEDS Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…


Beat The Heat


Get Ready for Band Camp Please know and understand that about 90% of what we do takes place outside in the heat. In order to help protect students from heat exhaustion there are guidelines in place. We are trying to educate them about the heat as well. Eat a light breakfast before coming to camp. Avoid dairy, sodas, and grease. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink PLENTY of WATER every evening following…


2016 PULSE The Art of Motion


Under the field direction of Shannon Hindman the Pepperell Dragon Band announces their 2016 production: Pulse – The Art of Motion explores the movement of the human body in all its forms. The show kicks into high gear with the minimalistic “Momentum.” The passing of energy from one body to another is explored in “Inertia and Time.” Finally, the pulses and beats of movements take center stage in “Rhythm.” Pulse…


PHS Color Guard Tryouts 2016


Auditions are coming up for students interested in the PHS “Dragon Band” Auxiliary units of the Flagline. These units are visual ensembles which enhances the music that is performed by the band. This group uses many different flags, batons, props, and /or dances for their routines. Tryouts will be held on Saturday, May 14, from 8AM till 6PM. Practice details and requirements can be found here (pdf viewer required). A…


Rome Braves 2016


Get ready for GRAND SLAM Concessions! The 2016 Rome Braves season is about to begin and the Pepperell Band Boosters is INCREDIBLY fortunate to have the opportunity to work concessions again this year! This is our largest fundraiser for our band program that helps us offset our operating expenses for the season, but we need a strong volunteer commitment from our band members, color guard, percussion ensemble, parents, family members,…




Music Heritage in Lindale, Georgia In 1907, Paul Nixon, a musical prodigy, moved to Rome with his parents and his sister (Lucia Nixon McKay). A year later, Capt. H.P. Meikleham of the Pepperell Mills in Lindale, hired 18 year old Nixon to form and conduct a concert band, organized in 1908. It was a great success, drawing listeners from a radius of 40 miles to their concerts. During World War…