Fair Share is the way in which the band budget is fairly distributed among all band members, so that all of the band’s financial obligations can be met. Band fees are needed to provide the band with the best of everything possible, including instruction, equipment, instruments, transportation and uniforms.

Each member’s Fair Share is calculated by dividing the overall band budget by the number of expected members in that program. That amount can be paid outright or raised through the fundraising projects that the Band Boosters make available. It’s up to each band member to decide how much of his Fair Share will be paid out-of-pocket and how much will be fund raised.

The band season begins in June and ends in May with each graduating class. The band fees for the current season are:

  • All Band Fees should be paid in full by October 31
  • PHS Members (grades 9-12): $300 (wind ensemble and percussion)
  • PMS Members (grades 6-8): $270 (wind ensemble and percussion)

Payment Schedule

  • By July 18 pay $100
  • By July 28 pay $100
  • By August 25 pay $50*
  • By September 8 pay $50

*A $50 credit for band members (not color guard) may be applied if your fair-share is current by September 8th; otherwise, the remaining $50 balance will be due.

  • The second student in a family is half price
  • Color Guard members may refer to their newsletter for their current fee schedule
  • Make a Payment Using PayPal

We absolutely do NOT allow finances to keep ANY member from participating in the band programs. Band Fees along with Band Boosters fundraising are a necessity to maintain the band program. Please contact a Band Booster officer if you have any finance question or would like to arrange a payment plan.